REVIEW: Rachel Garlin Captivates and Shines On Her New Album “Mondegreens”


To understand the main concept behind the beautifully crafted Mondegreens, the new album from singer/songwriter Rachel Garlin, it helps to know the definition of the word “mondegreens” itself. According to, a mondegreen is “a misunderstood or misinterpreted word or phrase resulting from a mishearing of the lyrics of a song”. Think about the words to a song that you have been singing wrong for years and you get the idea. 

For Garlin, the concept of mondegreens can also be applied broadly and creatively to many different aspects of our lives. Mondegreens are mistakes, to be sure, she says, but they can also be beautiful mistakes in the sense that can be useful in leading us to revelations and truths that we wouldn’t have otherwise discovered. Lyrically, Garlin puts it this way on the title track :

Sometimes life is funny

It’s not what it seems

And when words can’t be made out

You make up your mondegreens

And you may not know the difference

And sing the wrong words

For your whole life

Maybe the wrong words, the wrong turns,

The long way leads to the light

While this concept serves as the centerpiece of the album, it is only one of the many themes that show up on this softly captivating record. 

Some of the others include the quiet glory and pull of love in the confessional “Capture Me”, the simple pleasure of waking up to another day with the disarming “ Good Morning”, the ubiquitous nature of communal pain in the San Francisco inspired “Earthquake Town”, the courage it takes to face down fear and be free in the inspirational “Out There”, and the universal desire and eternal reaching for something better in the soaring and anthemic “Higher Ground”.

All of the songs on this timely record are united and undergirded not only by Garlin’s love and compassion for her fellow human beings but also by her overall lyrical and musical messages that we are not alone in what we are experiencing and feeling in this life right now and for that Garlin needs to be cherished and praised as a light in our current darkness.

Mondegreens by Rachel Garlin is now available at

Credits: Producer – Julie Wolf, Guitar- Rachel Garlin, James DePrato, Vocals-Rachel Garlin Drums-Scott Amendola, Allison Miller, Bass-Todd Sickafoose, Organ-Julie Wolf, Piano-Julie Wolf, Fender Rhodes-Julie Wolf, Mandolin- James DePrato, Kate Isenberg, Dobro-James DePrato, Banjo-James DePrato, Baritone Acoustic Guitar-Julie Wolf, Baritone Electric Guitar- James DePrato, Celeste-Julie Wolf, Melodica-Julie Wolf, Accordion-Julie Wolf, Glockenspiel-Allison Miller, Tubular Bells-Julie Wolf, Percussion-Vicki Randle, Violin-Alisa Rose, Background Vocals – Kate Isenberg, Vicki Randle, Julie Wolf, Rachel Friedman

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