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SCHEDULE: Live Music from the Quarantine! – Ongoing Schedule

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Live Music from the Quarantine! 3/16 through now.

Hosted by Americana Highways
Tune in to Americana Highways on FACEBOOK for live streaming from artists for 30 minute sets every evening except Sunday, from approximately 7pm until 10pm EDT for the next couple of weeks while we are all at home. Follow and like us here so you can see the show when the time comes. Facebook will place the videos in your own feed.


Kick in on the donate button we’ll have available for the artist who has had to cancel gigs.

Sponsorship opportunities are available, inquire here:

The schedule is still in the works and evolving.

Our current lineup for this week is:

Monday 3/16:
7pm Terry Klein
8pm Van Darien
8:45pm GF Patrick
9:30 Frank & Allie Lee

Tuesday 3/17:

7pm Sarah Morris
8pm Sarah Peacock
8:45pm Pi Jacobs
9:30 Bruce Sudano

Wednesday 3/18:
7pm Libby Koch
8pm Jeff Crosby
8:45pm Jeremiah Johnson
9:30 Lynne Hanson

Thursday 3/19:
7pm Nathan Bell
8pm Nathan Kalish
8:45pm Aloud
9:30pm Janiva Magness

Friday 3/20
7pm Chris Moyse
8pm Zach Aaron
8:45pm D.B. Rouse
9:30 The Harmed Brothers

Saturday 3/21

7pm Randy Lewis Brown
7:45 pm The March Divide
8:30 Mike Osborn
9:15 Carolyn Broussard

Monday 3/23:
7pm Chuck Hawthorne
7:45pm Kevin Daniel
8:30pm Greg Aulden
9:15 Lindsay Lou

Tuesday 3/24:

7pm Rod Picott
7:45pm Sweet Lizzy Project
8:30 Andrew Grimm
9:15 Sylvia Rose Novak

Wed 3/25:

7pm Nick Nace
7:45pm Steven Gary
8:30  Fred LeBlanc
9:15 Vance Gilbert

Thurs 3/26:
7pm Jane Kramer
7:45 Taylor Young Band
8:30 Rascal Martinez
9:15 A.M Rodriguez

Fri 3/27:
7pm Adam & Chris Carroll
7:45 Sarah Borges
8:30 Taylor Scott Band
9:15 Beth Bombara
10:00 Jerry Joseph

Saturday 3/28:
7pm the Truehearts
7:45 Spanking Charlene
8:30 Eric Ambel
9:15 James McMurtry

Monday 3/30
6:15 Jason Lee McKinney band
7pm Teghan Devon
7:45 Benjamin Jason Douglas
8:30 Ned Hill
9:15 Dan McGuiness

Tuesday 3/31
7pm Emma Hill
7:45 Tony Harrah
8:30 Grace Pettis
9:15 Nicholas David

Wednesday 4/1
7pm Nichole Wagner
7:45 Michele Malone
8:30 Amy Speace
9:15 Michael Galbicki (Rusted Root)

Thursday 4/2
7pm Mark Bates
7:45 Jackson Emmer
8:30 the Claudettes
9:15 Brian Fallon

Friday 4/3
7pm Helene Cronin
7:45 Grace Morrison
8:30 Chelsea Williams
9:15 Dan Navarro

Saturday 4/4
6:15 Rob Vincent
7pm Malcolm Holcombe
7:45 Peter Karp
8:30 Jimbo Mathus
9:15 Jenny Reynolds

Monday 4/6
7pm Meghan Hayes
7:45 the Flyin’ As
8:30 Jack Sledge
9:15 Mara Connor

Tuesday 4/7
7pm Jordi Baizan
7:45 Scarlet Rivera
8:30 the Danberrys
9:15 Hamish Anderson

Wednesday 4/8
7pm Susan Gibson
7:45 Mark Oblinger
8:30 Siobhan O’Brien
9:15 Tommy Womack

Thursday 4/9
7pm Ordinary Elephant
7:45 Reckless Saints
8:30 Albert Cummings
9:15 Jon Latham

Friday 4/10
7pm Jana Pochop & Shawnee Kilgore
7:45 Mike Frazier
8:30 Ted Russell Kamp
9:15 Jerry Castle

Saturday 4/11

5:15pm My Darling Clementine
7pm Rocks & Salt
7:45 Hollis Brown
8:30 Martha Spencer
10:15 DL Marble

Monday 4/13
7pm Jon Dee Graham
7:45 Mary Bragg
8:30 Jim Koeppel
9:15 David Childers

Tuesday 4/14
7pm Ben de la Cour
7:45 Eric Brace
8:30 Bandits on the Run
9:15 David Starr

Wed 4/15
7pm TJ George
7:45 George Ensle
8:30 Satin Nickel
9:15 Betty Soo

Thurs 4/16
7pm Jaimee Harris
7:45 Silver Lake
8:30 Corey Grubb
9:15 Dallas Burrow

Fri 4/17
7pm Jeff Plankenhorn
7:45 Jon Byrd
8:30 Alice Wallace
9:15 Rebecca Loebe

Sat 4/18
7pm Mike June & Jess Klein
7:45 Scott Nolan
8:30 The HawtThorns
9:15 Heidi Newfield

Mon 4/20
5:15pm Bill Bloomer
7pm Amilia K Spicer
7:45 Bill Scorzari
8:30 the Adobe Collective
9:15 James Hyland

Tues 4/21
7pm Adam Klein
7:45 Chicago Farmer
8:30 Lauren Anderson
9:15 *hold

Wed 4/22
7pm Brock Zeman
7:45 Nate Lee
8:30 Erica Blinn
9:15 the Two Tracks

Thurs 4/23
7pm Mark Jungers
7:45 Scott Martin
8:30 Phil Gammage
9:15 Rachel Garlin

Fri 4/24
7pm Matt Harlan
7:45 Renee Wahl
8:30 Greg Klyma
9:15 Jefferson Berry

Sat 4/25
7pm Charlie Roth
7:45 James Lee Baker
8:30 Paul Burch
9:15 Stoll Vaughan


Future confirmed acts include James McMurtry, Eric Ambel, Vance Gilbert, Malcolm Holcombe, John McCutcheon, Sylvia Rose Novak, Steven Gary, Taylor Young Band, A.M. Rodriguez, Andrew Grimm, Kevin Daniel, Greg Aulden, Lindsay Lou, Beth Bombara, Rod Picott, Nick Nace, Jane Kramer, Adam and Chris Carroll, The Truehearts, Steven Gary, Rascal Martinez, Teghan Devon, Emma Hill, Nichole Wagner, Mark Bates, Helene Cronin, Tony Harrah, Grace Pettis, Nicholas David, Michele Malone, Amy Speace, the Claudettes, Chelsea Williams, Meghan Hayes, Jordi Baizan, Ordinary Elephant, Susan Gibson

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  1. Recommend you include the time zone (EDT) on your Facebook events pages. Look forward to hearing Jeff Crosby tonight and will be donating through your website for this show. Thanks, Grant

  2. So great to see one of my all-time favorites again – Sarah Borges 🎸Thanks for making this happen!!

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