Show Review: Nathan Scott Moore – A Troubadour for Sheltering at Home

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I can’t recall how I first saw Nathan Scott Moore’s Livestream on FaceBook, but it immediately felt like I was settling into a nice easy chair and felt like I was shedding the anxiety from the onslaught of news, opinions and social media noise.  Now I spend a little time each evening easing into the night with this Sheltered at home troubadour.  Since he generally entertains overnight I more typically watch the reply on his YouTube Subscription channel Hippie Fiasco Rides Again.

His livestream is a wonderful “Shelter at Home” variety show.  The main draw is Nathan’s beautiful songs and voice, but when you tune in you will get so much more.  First and foremost are the musical collaborations.  This includes both pop-ins from friends and bandmates from various incarnations; but also from his open invitation to download versions of his songs from his site (, add a part, send it back and watch how the songs evolve with everyone’s input.

However there is much more than the music in each episode.  One night there may be a trivia contest, or the incredibly fun weekly episodes of “Crack the Case,” hosted by Willie Tea Taylor.  There are stories and camaraderie through the scrolling chat.  There are trivia contests and other games and fun.  And on occasion Nathan will also perform magic.  One evening we spent the evening together watching the brilliant Rob Tobin paint a 6 foot tribute to John Prine incorporating lyrics that we suggested in the chat.  It’s just that kind of show.

I first saw Nathan Scott Moore on Jam Cruise in 2019 with Whole Other and holding down The Spot and have been a fan every since. However up until now exposure has been limited due to his sparse appearances in my area in Southern California.  This daily dose feels like getting to spend time with a group of fine people and always feeling like you are part of the inside joke.  It has been a great way to ease away the day and relax for awhile. Over time the goal is to move this to YouTube and allow it to be a better place for collaboration and expand the concept to bring in more resources and community.  In order to facilitate that please subscribe to Hippie Fiasco Rides Again by clicking

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