Video Premiere: Rachel Garlin’s “Capture Me”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Rachel Garlin’s video for “Capture Me,” a song on her forthcoming album Mondegreens.  Mondegreens was produced by Julie Wolf, and this song was engineered by Nino Moschella, and the entire album is due to be available on April 3rd.  “Capture Me” is Rachel Garlin on vocals and guitar.

The video was edited and created by Wade Koch at  The video was shot in 8mm film, to portray a sense of nostalgia.   Listen to Rachel Garlin’s unblemished playing, get drawn into her stylized songwriting, and you’ll find yourself hitting rewind again and again.

Album opener “Capture Me” begins with plaintive guitar before exploring a dance that every long-term relationship performs. There’s this push-pull character––the ways we hold each other and the ways we let each other go. I’m interested in that tension.

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