Song Premiere: Jack Sledge’s “King With Wings”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Jack Sledge’s song “King With Wings” from his upcoming album Notes of a Drifter, scheduled to be released on April 3rd. “King With Wings” is Jack Sledge on guitar and vocals; Sam Shahin on drums; Smitti Supab on bass; and Travers Geoffray on piano and organ.   Notes of a Drifter was recorded and mixed by Ross Farbe and mastered by Ben Cohen.  The album’s cover photo is by Giancarlo D’Agastaro and the retro cover art was by Beau Parent.

With his retro punk style, Jack Sledge has created energy to drive out your demons for good with Notes of a Drifter.  “King With Wings” will recall the best party atmosphere, now when you need the memories the most.

On the surface “King With Wings” is about escape from city life. But it’s also about the survival of love despite physical distance, the drive for human connection in the face of obstacles, and the unconquerable will of existence. — Jack Sledge

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