Video Premiere: Satin Nickel’s “Free”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Satin Nickel’s video “Free” from their forthcoming album Shadow of Doubt, due on April 10. Shadow of Doubt was produced by Samantha Aneson and Morgan Hollingsworth, recorded and engineered at Astoria Soundworks by Kamilo Kratc and mixed by Kamilo Kratc.

“Free” on the album is Morgan Hollingsworth on vocals, mandolin, and electric guitar; Samantha Aneson on guitar, banjo and vocals; Nikola Balać on drums; Andrew Shewaga on bass; and Ariana Karp on cello. On this video it’s Serena Miller on cello.

With haunting musical restraint, Satin Nickel will launch you into a reflective daydream on their newest album Shadow of Doubt. With sustained guitar effects winding around traditional acoustic instruments, this is a real innovation.

The sound for the video “Free” was recorded and engineered at Rarefied Recording by Roy Silverstein, mixed by Morgan Hollingsworth. The video was recorded and edited by Gerry Saucedo of American Edge Media

It’s a strange thing to leave your family and hometown to move across the country. The idea sounds so thrilling, like a great adventure, and, while it very much is an adventure, it also constantly reminds you of what you gave up. I left my family and moved to the opposite side of the country about 5 years ago. I wrote this song, “Free,” during a particularly challenging time here. My parents’ mortality was becoming more and more clear to me, and I felt as though I betrayed and abandoned them by moving far away. The song is a meditation on the bittersweetness of pursuing adventure while sacrificing time with those you’ve left behind.

We made this video when we were touring our hometowns, and I thought it was the perfect song to play. Being able to play for my friends and family felt like a full circle experience, as though I was able to show myself proof of why I chose to leave and what I’ve gained from it. 

We recorded this live session at Rarefied Recordings in San Diego, Morgan’s hometown. We were all staying at his family’s house, and it was a really beautiful marriage of past and present. — Samantha Aneson

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