REVIEW: Peter Bjorn and John Serve Up An Impressive Collection Of Indie-Pop Songs With “Endless Dream”


With their ninth full-length studio album Endless Dream, the indie-pop trio of Peter Morén, Björn Yttling, and John Eriksson (Peter Bjorn and John) celebrate the 20th anniversary of their making music together by offering up a collection of ten infectious songs that immediately serve as a testament to the power of music to be able to simultaneously calm you down, chill you out and make you think. 

Best known for their 2006 international Alternative hit “ Young Folks,” the trio, while not providing a song as catchy as that song on this record, still provide the listener with plenty of aural pleasures with the ’80s New Wave-influenced compositions and harmonies in this collection.

Described by Eriksson as an album that is “about people trying to find colors in this dark world,” the Swedish trio presents an impressive array of introspective songs that detail some of the struggles of living everyday life and that continually stress the importance of all of us realizing the commonalities that exist between us.

Love, dreams, and self-awareness are the prevalent lyrical themes that run through these deceptively simple-sounding creations with “Music,” Rusty Nail,” “Endless Reruns,” “Out of Nowhere,” and “Weekend” being the strongest examples of this trio’s world-class artistry, talent, and ability as song makers.

If you are a fan of indie-pop, this is a 21st-century album made by forward-thinking adults for other forward-thinking adults that rewards multiple listens and ultimately uplifts and inspires. 

Morén, Yttling, and Eriksson were all three involved in producing the various tracks of the album as well as providing all of the instrumental work contained therein.

 Endless Dream will be available March 13th on the record label INGRID and can be purchased at


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