Video Premiere: Liam Kirby’s “Romanticized”

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drawing by Serrot Kram

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Liam Kirby’s video “Romanticized.” The video was filmed, shot, conceived, and edited by Tristan Teshigahara Pollack.  The video is Liam Kirby being himself in neighborhood scenes which thoughtfully support the overall intention of the song.  Liam Kirby’s music is on the pop edge of Americana with whimsical music winding around lyrics that gently address the meaning of life and the ideal way to experience it.

I think a lot of people, myself included, have the tendency to romanticize things, whether it be people or just certain situations.  I don’t think it’s always necessarily a bad thing, in fact, I think it can help you get through a time or circumstance where not much is actually happening.  That’s kind of the point of the video. — Liam Kirby

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