Show Review: ZZ Ward Brought Stardust to the Belly Up Tavern with Patrick Droney

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ZZ Ward brought her Stardust tour to the historic Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, California on Feb 28. The show was sold out and to my surprise it was a predominantly middle-aged crowd, though there were quite a few 30-something females in the crowd as well. The latter was probably there due to Ward’s latest release “Break Her Heart.” The song is an angry ballad directed at an ex-lover, who Ward is definitely not happy with, and is clearly universally relatable. The chorus pretty much says it all:

“But I hope you break her heart
Like you broke mine
I hope you make her cry
A thousand times
I hope you cheat on her
Like you cheated on me
Whoa somewhere down the line
I hope you break her heart like you broke mine”

Ward opened the set with her newest song and the namesake of her current tour “Sex and Stardust.” She really got the crowd going with her hit “Put the Gun Down.” Other songs in her set included “Til The Casket Drops” and another new one entitled “The Dark.”  Thoughout the night, her performance held every ear in the room.

I had never heard of opener Patrick Droney before this show but I can tell you I am a new fan. His guitar skills are phenomenal and his voice is fantastic. He said on his Instagram that he had lost his voice before the show but as soon as he got on stage the energy of the crowd brought it back. He reminded me a lot of blues guitar legend, Eric Johnson. I guarantee you will be hearing a lot more from this young man.

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