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A week ago, the great Sammy Brue announced his upcoming album Crash Test Kid and shared two songs off the album, “Teenage Mayhem” & “Crash Test Kid.” A week before that I got the opportunity to meet him on top Lookout Mountain near Golden, Colorado! He was on tour with Michael Kiwanuka and had a show scheduled on that evening at the Gothic Theatre in Englewood, Colorado. But due to bad weather & snowy roads in Wyoming, Michael Kiwanuka and company had to cancel the show. So the timing was right to meet with Sammy during a beautiful sunset in the Rocky Mountains. As the wind blew harder and the sky got redder, Sammy Brue performed his new song “Teenage Mayhem.”

I asked Sammy if he could give me some insight on the making of his new LP “Crash Test Kid,” and he said that, “everyone who worked on this record to Lain the producer, the musicians, engineers, was just trying to have a good time and a good laugh so that made the experience so exciting because I think it really comes through on the record.”

Shortly after getting a bloody nose at altitude, we shined some headlights at Sammy Brue as he performed the title track “Crash Test Kid.”

His nation wide tour just finished up, and I asked Sammy how his experience was touring across the country alongside Michael Kiwanuka. He told me that “this tour was such a blessing and a sign that everything is gonna be fine. Being able to play as many shows as I did with the crowds that were there was ridiculous and I feel privileged to be able to call the Kiwanuka crew my friends now.”

I also got to film Sammy performing the unreleased first track titled “Gravity” off the new LP.

I asked Sammy about his future plans and he remarked, “well the plan is to just keep on keeping on, and keep working hard and try to stay as happy as I can. And if all goes well I get to be in Kiwanukas place and have that many people sing my songs and feel crazy things with me everywhere in the world I go.”

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