Song Premiere: Grant Peeples’ “Unsustainable”

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere from Grant Peeples of his version of Eliza Gilkyson‘s “Unsustainable” from his forthcoming album Bad Wife, produced by Gurf Morlix. “Unsustainable” is Grant Peeples on guitar and vocals; Gurf Morlix on guitars, bass and backing vocals; Rick Richards on drums and Lee Elders on violin.

This album is an entire collection of songs by women, as interpreted by Grant Peeples who was drawn to each one organically over time. His take on Gilkyson’s song maintains its whimsical point of view on breakup, or perhaps staying together after all.  Peeple’s light, genuine touch reveals and sustains an abiding connection with the songs.

I heard this song at a show I opened for Eliza in Jacksonville in 2015. (She wrote it in 2008) The melody is deceptively, playfully ironic because the message, is dark and foreboding. — Grant Peeples

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4 thoughts on “Song Premiere: Grant Peeples’ “Unsustainable”

  1. I’m really loving this tune!!
    So looking forward to the CD! Kickstarter goal is in sight. Help make this happen y’all.

    1. Andrea: thank you so much for ALWAYS being there and ‘getting’ what I am trying to do. big big love you warrior woman, you.

  2. Eliza G can certainly write from the perspective of understatement making the message/story even more powerful. Sorta of a “smiling at you with a f*#k-you sneer.” Very nice.

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