Song Premiere: Emma Hill’s “Early to Bed”

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of Alaskan Emma Hill’s “Early to Bed” from her forthcoming album How Could I Have Been So Wrong? due out on January 31. The album was produced by Bryan Daste, Emma Hill, and Zach Hill; recorded and mixed by Bryan Daste in Portland Oregon, with acoustic guitar and lead vocals recorded by James Glaves at the Tone Palace in Anchorage, AK. “Early to Bed” is Emma Hill on vocals and acoustic guitar; Bryan Daste on vocals, electric bass, electric guitar, keys and theremin; and Joe Mengis on drums and percussion.

Emma Hill has a rich vibrato vocal tone that’ll pull you in and invite you to stay, and the musical depth and songwriting will seal the deal, with her top rate style.

“Early to Bed” was written to a prompt given to me in prep for a live show called Parlor in the Round. As homework before the show, all three songwriters are given the same prompt and have to show up with a song written from it. That show, the other artists were Joan Osborne and Matt The Electrician, so the stakes were high! I love both of those artists and Joan’s album, Relish was my first cd I ever owned. The whole experience was pretty amazing and this song was born from that, so it’ll always be special to me. It’s also a song I’m able to talk about mental illness with and breaking down the stigma surrounding that in our society is very important to me. — Emma Hill

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