Song Premiere: Foxfeather’s “The Rules”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Foxfeather’s “The Rules” from their forthcoming EP due out this coming spring.  The EP was produced by Jay Elliott of IntroVertigo Studios. The video was done by Kreation Films

“The Rules” is Carly Ricks Smith and Laura Stratton, with additional players: Adam Bodine on piano, Oliver Jacobson on fiddle, Blake Smith on lead guitar, Mark Dabrowski on bass guitar, Jay Elliott on drums, and Kate Farmer on background vocals.

Foxfeather has crafted a soaring song of independence. There’s not an iota of a chance that you could walk away from Foxfeathers’ latest without being inspired.

In ‘The Rules,’ we delve into the reality of the challenges faced by women as they face a world seemingly built to oppress and manipulate. It also serves to exalt the undeniable power of the feminine energy and to brandish that strength as a weapon against a society which will not accept their independence and autonomy. It serves less as a threat and more as a reckoning. – Carly Ricks Smith, Foxfeather

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