Song Premiere: Wyatt Edmondson’s “You Said It, I Meant It”

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of Wyatt Edmondson’s “You Said It, I Meant It” from his forthcoming release If I Don’t Try, due to be available February 21. Recorded at Cathy Jo Studio & Great Hill Studio, Nashville, TN.  If I Don’t Try was produced by Shawn Byrne and Ryan Youmans, with recording engineers Shawn Byrne and Wil Houchens; mixed by Bob Bullock at Cool Springs Mix, Franklin, TN, and mastered by Amy Marie at Yes Master studios.

“You Said It, I Meant It,” is Wyatt Edmondson on vocals and acoustic guitar; Shawn Byrne on guitar and bass; Kevin Gatzke on saxophone; Michael Gluszak on drums and percussion; Micah Snow on piano and B3 organ; Brian Sutherland on backing vocals.

“You Said It, I Meant It” gently croons your heartache away.  Edmondson is a master at catharsis all throughout If I Don’t Try.

I actually started writing this song for another artist but fell in love with it and wanted to record it on this upcoming EP. It’s about that relationship where the person you’ve loved and trusted does that thing that totally messes up the situation, and now you have to deal with the leftover feelings. For me, it was a bad breakup. I still had strong feelings for her, but she obviously didn’t value the commitment aspect of a relationship, and it broke me. This song is my way of saying, “We both seemed so invested in this, and so in love, but I guess it was only me.” The glimmer of hope at the end is that I ended up finding the courage to move forward and be happy again. — Wyatt Edmondson 

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