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‘smallsongs’ is a youtube channel that features small & stripped down performances on the streets of different cities around the world, featuring musical acts at their rawest.

Back in July I got the chance to meet and shoot some ‘smallsongs’ with the Americana duo Many Mountains. They recommended Kelly Monico’s “alley cats” exhibit featuring over 300 cats in one alley. In this hidden gem of a location, they walked up a fire escape and performed “Dry Leaves In The Fire” !

Katie of Many Mountains said “‘Dry Leaves in the Fire’ is a simile for how fleeting things can be – whether that’s relationships with people around you, people’s beliefs, people’s criticism, positive or negative – things are like dry leaves in the fire.”

Watch it:


Then they performed their original tune “What’s The Difference?” while walking under a painted archway near larimer square and gaining some new fans along the way !

‘What’s the Difference?’ came about when the coffee/donut shop KR (Katie) worked for suddenly closed its doors, leaving her unemployed for the first time since age 16. She wrote it the day she found out.  KR says, “It conveys a feeling of helplessness and just not being where you want to be in life – hindsight being 20/20, losing that job was really the best thing that could have happened,  It put me into a position where I had to pursue what I truly wanted out of life.”

Watch “What’s The Difference?”:

And we’re now premiering the third small song that we shot for their song “Done You Wrong” at:

Dustin of Many Mountains described that this song “is about a feeling of regret for the way you may have acted towards someone in a relationship.”

In the coming months, Many Mountains “plan to release new music, including ‘Dry Leaves in the Fire’, tour beyond Colorado, continue the growth of our fanbase, and most importantly our songwriting!”

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