Show Review: Zach Bryan Was Joy and Heartbreaks at Cumberland River Tavern

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Viral star Zach Bryan came to the small town of Pineville, KY play his songs, and the 30 degree weather didn’t stop over 400 people from attending the show. Originally, Bryan was supposed to play at The Butcher’s Pub in Pineville, but according to bar manager and concert organizer, Cole Atkinson, there was too much interest for it to be contained in a small pub; it was moved down the street to sister bar Cumberland River Tavern. More interest in tickets created a second venue change to outside, much to the shock and delight of Atkinson. With the venue being set to an outside stage, a meet and greet at the Butcher’s Pub was set up, along with an after party taking place at the Cumberland River Tavern.

Hours before Bryan took the stage, fans lined up for the meet and greet. Bryan was obviously thankful for the experience, hugging and taking pictures with everyone that came to meet him. The concert was packed with locals, people who traveled from all over Kentucky and Tennessee, as well as a few from further away such as West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Bryan seemed perfectly at home on stage with his fans singing along to original songs from his album Deanne. While he is currently not able to do music full time (he is a member of the US Navy), he takes it seriously, as if it were full time. Bryan plays where and when he can while on leave. Not even an injury will slow done Bryan, as he candidly told the crowd, he was playing with an injured collarbone.

Bryan’s songwriting is authentic and sincere; you feel his joys and heartbreaks when he sings. Bryan is amazing on his album and his YouTube videos, but it is nothing compared to seeing him live. Bryan seemed to thrive on the audience reaction and his songs were performed with an intensity and a grit in his voice that is not fully captured on video or in recording.
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