Song Premiere: David Ball’s “What Do You Want With His Love”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of David Ball’s “What Do You Want With His Love” from the reissue of his first solo album Thinkin’ Problem; due to be released on November 15 via Omnivore Records. The release is on the 25th anniversary of the album’s first appearance. This version is the 10 original tracks plus 18 previously unreleased bonus track too.   The original album was produced by Blake Chaney; the reissue was under the directive of Scott Metko and Cheryl Pawelski.

With an easygoing tempo and a country love song to tell, this one from David Ball is a delight.   There’s just something about these songs that tap into our collective Americana unconscious.

Larry [Jefferies, co-writer] and I had a band at Isle of Palms briefly called the Groove Diggers. Very refreshing. We’d play anything back in ’83 and did some fishing with the gig money. It was paradise but I knew I was Nashville-bound. Side roads are the only way to travel. — David Ball

Listen to the song, and watch the video below it.  Order yours right here:





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