Song Premiere: Phoebe Hunt’s “November”

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photo by Rafael Piñeros

Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of Phoebe Hunt’s “November”.  This song is part of Phoebe Hunt’s forthcoming album Neither One Of Us Is Wrong which will be available April 10 and was self-produced by Phoebe under her label, Popped Corn Records. Hunt’s band, the Gatherers, features Roy Williams (guitar, vocals), Dominick Leslie (mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin) Sam Reider (piano, organ, accordion, keys), Dave Speranza (bass), Jared Engle (bass), Rachel Loy (bass), Nicholas Falk (drums), Stephanie Hunt (jazz mills), and Sierra Hull (vocal harmonies), Mike Barnett (strings), and Ethan Jodziewicz (strings).

Launching the song with clear acoustic mandolins ringing out in plenty of space, Phoebe Hunt has created a soothing folk lullaby for adults.

“November” came from the process of healing a deep wound. My husband and I made a difficult choice in the summer of 2015. When fall came around, we finally had time to reflect on our life, our choices and our sorrow. I turn to songwriting when I need to process my life, it often reveals things to me that I have hidden from myself. “November” did that for me.

My husband (then fiancee) and I were sitting in our apartment in Brooklyn, NY after a crazy summer (2015). We had been traveling and touring exhaustively, and finally, when November came around, it was time to sit still and sort through everything that had happened. As a couple, we knew we needed to reflect and really face what we had been through, make a choice to move forward. Would we let this wound tear us apart or would we grow from it? We decided to grow together, even though it may have felt easier to turn our backs on each other. We both knew that it was worth it to move through the pain and to heal, so writing this song was the first step towards healing.

November, and the fall, are a sacred time of year – as the weather cools, we are physically pushed to ‘bundle up’ and turn inward. While the heat of summer drives us outward to explore and expand, the fall is a perfect time for tuning in and tapping into our inner well for growth and exploration. This fall, in honor of this contemplative turn, I am offering a course to explore inward journeying within a safe community. The course, “Beneath The Surface Of A Song”, will incorporate creative techniques and pivotal teachings from some of my most beloved mentors and teachers. If you are someone who longs for a community to connect with through your own creative journey, this is a call to you. — Phoebe Hunt


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