Song Premiere: Butch Reynolds’ “Left to My Own Devices”

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of the title track from Butch Reynolds’ upcoming album Left to My Own Devices.  “Left to my Own Devices” is Butch Reynolds on guitars and vocals, John Vaughn on drums and percussion, Chip Adams on bass, and  Michael Rojas on piano, organ and accordion. The album was recorded, engineered and mixed by Kenny Royster at Direct Image Studios, Nashville.

“Left to My Own Devices” is a droll, rockabilly tinged shuffle with B-bender suspense and accordion.  Reynolds and the band pull off a musical replication of a night on the town in “Left to My Own Devices” and the album is pure crafted delight.

This is one that came to me all at once without much need for editing or rewriting. I was thinking about kind of boozy Dapper Dan kind of guy wandering through drunken misadventures but always landing on his feet. Someone I may or may not resemble on any given evening. Once we got it into the studio, it really took off with the help of John Vaughn (drums) and Chip Adams (bass), and then Michael Rojas came in and just crushed the accordion solo. I asked him to play it like he was stumbling around and it is stellar! — Butch Reynolds

Grab one here while you’re listening:

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