Album Premiere: Frank Viele’s “1 Mic, 1 Guitar, 10,000 Miles, Vol. 2”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Frank Viele’s album 1 Mic, 1 Guitar, 10,000 Miles, Vol. 2.  This is a  solo live acoustic album of Frank Viele on vocals & guitars; the album was recorded and mixed by Dee “Puffy” Miller, mastered by Vic Steffens.

The album provides that immersion experience, it’s that chance to sink into a live show we are all looking for.   Viele was the winner of the 2018 New England Songwriter of the Year Award, and if you aren’t familiar with him, here’s your chance to find out why he won.  With his crusty, earthy voice, the dynamic Frank Viele will get funky on that guitar just as casually as he will belt out a more wide-open groovy love song for the room.  This live setting highlights Viele’s raw appeal, as the track selection was pulled from shows from all over the country.

This collection of live recordings means a ton to me as I selected each track on it for a special reason.  For example, the opening track was from the night I opened for John Waite and he invited me backstage to tell me how much he loved my voice and my songs.  He even wrote it out on a poster for me so that I would never forget it. My version of Bob Seger’s “Against The Wind” on this record was recorded at my second night of a two night stand in Denver supporting Howie Day.  Earlier that morning, some new fans had brought me to Red Rocks for the first time and got me on stage to sing that song since they were moved by my performance of it the night before. The closing track is from the final show of my first ever west coast tour.  I had gotten to visit Haight-Ashbury for the first time that day before soundcheck which was a big deal for me and I felt on top o the world walking off stage that night to my first west coast standing ovation. They’re all memories representing integral parts of my rock n roll journey to date and simply hold a special place in my mind and heart. — Frank Viele

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