Song Premiere: Helene Cronin’s “Careless with a Heart”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Helene Cronin’s “Careless With a Heart” from her forthcoming release Old Ghosts & Lost Causes, due to be released on October 11th.  Old Ghosts & Lost Causes was produced by Matt King and engineered & mixed by Mitch Dane at Sputnik Sound, with additional recording by Matt King at Big Bicycle.  The album was mastered by Kim Rosen at Knack Mastering, Ringwood, NJ.  Appearing on the album is Helene Cronin on vocals, background vocals, and guitar on “Ghost;” Bobby Terry on acoustic and baritone guitar, steel guitar, and mandolin; Byron House on bass; Chad Cromwell on drums,  with Kenny Vaughan on electric guitar; Matt King on background vocals; and Heidi Newfield on harmonica on “Mean Bone,” and background vocals.

“Careless With a Heart” is the lead track on Helene Cronin’s forthcoming album for a reason: it’s superb.  In a world of love songs, Helene Cronin’s songwriting takes unpredictable turns we can all relate to.  In the case of “Careless With a Heart,” the insights point inward to us, for not being more protective of ourselves. In an already rich songwriting landscape, Cronin creates utterly fresh perspectives that are immediately familiar at the same time on Old Ghosts & Lost Causes. And Kenny Vaughan’s smoking electric guitar gives the album some real vitality.

“Careless with a Heart” is the song I chose to open my new record OLD GHOSTS & LOST CAUSES because it’s one of the most personal songs in the collection. If you can imagine having a “relationship” with your own heart, this would describe mine. I’ve been harder on my heart than on anyone else’s, learning that hearts are resilient, forgiving and really…pretty precious things! Because I wanted to set the heart up as something rather special, one of the lines I walked in writing this song was telling my story, but keeping the focus on the heart. In the studio, it was fun to watch the session musicians take my guitar riff and build the song up around that, even having the guitar player (Bobby Terry) ask to borrow my short capo so he could duplicate my guitar work. The respect I have for those guys and the respect and care they showed me and my songs comes through across this whole album.  — Helene Cronin

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