Video Premiere: Lauren Pratt’s “Haunting”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Lauren Pratt’s “Haunting” from her forthcoming album Young American Sycamore, due to be released September 13. Young American Sycamore was produced and engineered by Don Bates, with Guthrie Brown on keys, Jon Bostwick on drums, John McNally on electric guitar and pedal steel, Kieran Cronley on bass, and Lauren Pratt on acoustic guitar, vocals, songwriter. The album was mastered by Alex McCollough at True East Mastering.

Pratt reports she was inspired by Patsy Cline on this song and that is clearly verifiable from the opening measure.  Pratt’s croon and tension will make you feel like Patsy Cline got to perform one more time on Young American Sycamore:  “The Echoes are quiet but the silence is loud.”

‘Haunting’ reflects upon losing oneself to lost love and watching the world move on and away from you after that loss. The opening line ‘Have I gone crazy’ is a distinct nod to Patsy Cline, the queen of Country heartbreak and determination. I was listening to a lot of Tulsa songwriters at that time and I like to think of the main character spinning around on an empty dancefloor, dancing despite her lack of a partner. When the video was made in June, I was staying with longtime artist friends in North Carolina and there was a vicious line of thunderstorms the entire week. We decided to shoot between lightning strikes; the dress was particularly important to me because all of my publicity shots (including the album cover) were done in that dress, and I wanted the rain-drenched, unkempt, grit of the heartbreak to visually accompany the song. I think we accomplished that goal. — Lauren Pratt


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