Song Premiere: The Weary Times’ “I Can Tell”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of the band The Weary Times (fronted by Ryan Curtis) version of Bo Diddley (Samuel Smith) ‘s “I Can Tell” from upcoming release The Weary Times, due to be released July 19. The Weary Times was recorded at Osmosis Studios in Idaho, and features Ryan Curtis on guitar and vocals, Michael Swain on keyboard, Michael Simon on lead guitar, Ben Wieland on drums and Nick Archibald on bass.

With dramatic tension building, the Weary Times delivers electric throwback rock ‘n roll, and with an authentic blues-weary vocal, the Weary Times comforts with a demonstration of the fact that the good music is timeless.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Bo Diddley and the early Chess Records sound. When we first formed The Weary Times, old school R&B and early rock n roll was really the blue print for what we wanted to do. Our sound has changed over the past few years and realistically we have a more of a garage, modern/retro feel than those old recordings. However, the ethos is still there and we wanted to include this track on the record (the only cover), because it was one of the first songs we played together as band and we still play at every show. –Ryan Curtis

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