Song Premiere: Jordi Baizan’s “Pictures on the Wall” Produced by Walt Wilkins

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere track from Jordi Baizan’s “Pictures on the Wall” from his upcoming release Free and Fine, produced by Walt Wilkins.  Free and Fine is Jordi Baizan on vocals and acoustic guitar, Ray Rodriguez on drums and percussion; Bill Small on bass; Chip Dolan on piano, wurlitzer piano, B3 organ;  Walt Wilkins on acoustic guitar and percussion; Heather Stalling on fiddle; Geoff Queen on steel guitar; Dick Gimble on upright/fretless bass; Corby Schaub on lap steel; Rich Brotherton on mandolin; Bart DeWin on accordion; Ron Flynt on piano and keyboards, and Libby Koch on harmony vocals.

Good music with a touch of the lighthearted in his lyrics, Jordi Baizan’s latest is an easy one to love.  With lots of spicy instruments, so finely mixed it’s never overpowering, Free and Fine is pure delight.

My family and I are were displaced by the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey back in August of 2017.  After a couple of months of staying with relatives and friends, we moved to a really nice, new apartment complex that I tried to convince my wife might be a cool place to live for a while.  I liked the great pool, exercise room, and relatively low rent.  But the place did not feel like home to her, and she made it clear in many unspoken ways.  One of them that got my attention is that she did not hang a single picture on the wall.  My friend, singer-songwriter Jackson Emmer, came to town to play a show with me and stayed with us.  I told him about this song idea I had, “no pictures on the wall”, and we wrote the song one morning out by that great pool.  This song gets a great response at shows that I think stems from the fact that many of us have felt a sense of rootlessness in our lives at certain times, a sense of impermanence.  Having a safe place you can call your own that feels safe seems to be a fairly universal longing. — Jordi Baizan

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