Video Premiere: Molly Thomas and the Rare Birds’ “Calling My Name”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Molly Thomas and the Rare Birds’ “Calling My Name,” a song from their recent release Honey’s Fury.  “Calling My Name” is Molly Thomas on vocals and acoustic guitar, Rick Hirsch on guitars, John Keuler on bass and vocals, and John Milham on drums and percussion.

The video was shot and edited by Cat Sirten, and features Molly Thomas, Rick Hirsch & John Milham recording the song in a homestyle setting. Opening with footage of Rick Hirsch’s dirty electric guitar, followed by Molly Thomas’ intense stare and vocal delivery as she straps on her guitar as well, “Calling My Name” is a fiery song and the videography highlights it. The scene is topped off with vintage effects and the band in the living room. Honey’s Fury dominates on the anthemic rock scene, combining punctuated poetic lyrics and a powerful delivery.

“Calling My Name” was born during a morning walk when I saw a red flower. It sparked a thought, a line, a lyric, an idea all at once. Some songs just “happen” that way.  It turned into a poem. So, I sent the words to friend & co-writer, Christopher Hoffee, and he added his masterful writing skills to the mix, coming up with the line that soon became the title of the new record, Honey’s Fury. Bandmate & co-producer/writer, Rick Hirsch, joined in with the music & it became a song. “Calling My Name” highlights Hirsch’s celestial guitar wizardry (reminiscent of Daniel Lanois’s “Wrecking Ball”) and my inner siren was cracked open and poured out vocals that I was yet to explore. Drummer, John Milham & bassist, John Keuler, did what they do so well and lifted the song with their brilliant rhythmic & melodic ways. Although the song came from a dark time in my life, it offers a sense of renewal & rebirth. I am grateful that the song found me because it makes me happy to play. I hope it evokes different emotions from different people, whatever a person needs at any given moment in time.– Molly Thomas  

Order the album here:  Molly Thomas’ tour opening for Todd Snider starts in July, the list of dates can be found here:

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