Video Series: The Art Inside the Craft: Bill Bloomer

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The Art Inside the Craft is an exploration into the creative process of individuals who not only have a physical craft that they work, but also an art: the “expression of human creative skill and imagination.” It’s an exploration of how the art affects the physical product.  The symbiotic relationship between the physical act of creating, and the artistic way in which an individual interjects unique and subtle elements into that creation is absolutely fascinating. My own desires to understand, and apply what these artisans have captured, has led me to this new video series.

Bill Bloomer, who resides in France, has spent the last few decades honing his artistic craft as a songwriter, and traveling the world turning those experiences into his various tales.  He’s an open book and doesn’t mind retelling those learned experiences that continued during his most recent 32 gig, 11,500 mile, “No Bad Days Tour” through the United States. His ability to flow with what life brings him is what makes him such an interesting person and why we sat down on his way through Iowa to discuss his craft.

This is Bill Bloomer’s Art Inside the Craft:

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  1. Bill writes excellent songs and is good-human to the core. I was happy to buy all his albums the first time I heard one of his songs. I’m bummed that he didn’t make it to Nashville on this recent tour, but hope to see him next go-round.

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