Song Premiere: Joanie & Matt’s “Sisters”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Joanie & Matt’s “Sisters” from their forthcoming album Sterling, due to be released on July 19. Sterling was mixed by Jesse Lauter (Tedeschi Trucks Band), and blends feminist and LGBTQ sentiments with traditional Jewish underpinnings. “Sisters” is Matthew Check and Joanie Leeds on vocals; Justin Camerer on electric guitar, Matthew Check on acoustic guitar, Shy Kedmi on piano; and Brendan O’Grady on bass with Brian Geltner on drums.

With fast-paced rhythms and piano carrying the song over guitars, Joanie and Matt bring a sense of energy and celebration to standing up for what you believe in. Count on a mid-summer extravaganza with Sterling.

We felt strongly about giving our tunes a feminist slant wanted to write an anthem that honors women although the Bible did not always depict their importance in history. 

We honed in on Yael as an example of a woman who saved the Israelites through bravery, strength and seduction as she lured Sisera into her tent after battle and hammered a tent peg into his temple with a mallet. Following this, there was peace for 40 years. While The “Song of Deborah” partially recounts this tale, we wanted took it a step further in explaining in the first person… “I saw you stumbling through the door cold and wet from the pouring rain. Covered you in a blanket put a cup in your hand. You went to bed and closed your eyes. That’s when I knew that the time was near. I saved my people that night just like I had planned. They wrote a song about me. But one thing they got wrong: I knew how to save the world all along. — Joanie Leeds

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