Video Premiere: RJ Chesney’s “Amateur Revolution”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of RJ Chesney’s “Amateur Revolution” the title track from his recently released album. Amateur Revolution was produced by HP Gundersen (Norway) and Jason Hiller (USA); recorded in Bergen Norway (Apple Cake Studio) and Los Angeles, CA(Electosound Studio) with a combination of American and Norwegian Musicians.  “Amateur Revolution” is RJ Chesney, Marty Rifkin on pedal steel, HP Gundersen and Henrik Paulsen on electric guitars, Jason Hiller on bass and backing vocals, Maesa Pullman on drums and backing vocals, with Heidi Torsvik on backing vocals.

The video was directed by Maesa Pullman, with cameraman Jerry Sun, and edited by Christopher Cody with assistance by Jason Hiller. The video is set in a country backdrop with the acting troupe dressed in classic country garb in an uplifting tribute to the song.  RJ Chesney beckons us to be our best with Amateur Revolution, with a soaring reminder that “there’s a chance of beauty everywhere.”

“Amateur Revolution” is about living from your passion and staying  fully alive despite the obstacles and disappointments that come our way .  I’ve always said “I want a life in music” – its not about a “career’ for me, its about being fully engaged in your craft.. Doing what you do for the absolute LOVE of creating…. I think a lot of artists and people in general have bad relationships with their art and their own mind.. This song  is about choices .. the choice to be open and expressive or closed, bitter, and cold…  There is art in EVERYTHING we do  … even something as mundane as making your bed.. how you approach it will affect the rest of your day…  do what you love and love what you do . It’s LIFE….LIVE IT !” — RJ Chesney

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