Video Premiere: Mile Twelve’s “Liberty” from “City on a Hill”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Mile Twelve’s “Liberty” from their recent release City on a Hill. The album was recorded at The Rec Room Studio in Nashville, TN, produced by Bryan Sutton, engineered and mixed by Ben Surratt. “Liberty” is Evan Murphy on guitar, Bronwyn Keith-Hynes on fiddle, BB Bowness on banjo, David Benedict on mandolin, with Nate Sabat singing lead vocals and playing bass.

The video for “Liberty” was shot and edited by Alex Chaloff of Bucket’s Moving Company on April 3rd, 2019 in Nashville, TN.  With sincere and direct lyrics about an immigrant’s journey to America, “Liberty” recalls the hope and sanctuary that the country was founded to be. The song asks lyrical questions about whether that home they “left while it was burning” full of fear is now “gone and far behind”?  And then we feel the exhale of relief when the “lady in the harbor” was there to welcome them. In the midst of the song’s poignancy, watching the band play all together live is legitimately breathtaking.

This song is loosely based on my own family’s immigration story to America. They were Ashkenazi Jews that came around 1900, fleeing persecution in Russia and Poland. Though their situation wasn’t perfect by any means, it was unimaginably better than what they left behind. From the moment they arrived here they worked incredibly hard to provide a good life for those that came after them, and I stand here today a product of that love and hard work. — Nate Sabat

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