Song Premiere: Russ Tolman’s “Do You Like the Way” From “Goodbye El Dorado” Album

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of Russ Tolman’s “Do You Like the Way” from his Goodbye El Dorado album to be released April 19th on Lost Records. “Do You Like the Way” is Tolman with Kirk Swan on guitar, Robert Lloyd on piano with Dave Provost on bass and Kevin Jarvis on drums. Goodbye El Dorado was produced by Russ Tolman and engineered by Kevin Jarvis at Sonic Boom Room, Venice, California.

The song’s tale starts out with a person who’s had too much at the bar, to the point that he expects that “everybody bow down to the king of the barroom clowns.” The music bops along disarmingly while the lyrics twist your arm and force you to look in the mirror.  We’ve all been there as the overly emphatic life of the party.  Piano solos and the guitar solos trade-off rocking uptempo vibes on Goodbye El Dorado.

Everybody (certainly every musician) knows somebody like the subject of this song — super talented, but just a massive f*ck-up. Somebody who could have the world, but instead masks their crippling fear by playing a clown. This tune is a wake-up call. — Russ Tolman

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