Song Premiere: “Beach Haven Ain’t My Home” by U.S. Elevator on Upcoming Woody Guthrie Tribute Record

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of “Beach Haven Ain’t My Home,” (a.k.a “Old Man Trump”) performed by U.S. Elevator, from I Don’t Like the Way This World’s A-Treatin’ Me (Omnivore Records). The album is a four song 10-inch vinyl Woody Guthrie tribute record, with one song featuring Woody himself on a track, and two versions of “Beach Haven Ain’t My Home.”  The record will be available on Record Store Day (April 13th).  But you can listen to this version of “Beach Haven Ain’t My Home,” by Johnny Irion and U.S. Elevator today.

“No no no Fred Trump, Beach Haven ain’t my home,” was Woody Guthrie’s account of a time in 1950 when he lived under the Trump landlord.  The song’s lyrics are very blunt and direct, and for obvious reasons echo as chillingly relevant today. Never recorded by Guthrie, the musical style of U.S. Elevator supporting the words Guthrie penned is sufficiently “throwback” to underscore the timelessness of the sentiments.  Billy Baldwin (brother of Alec) and Mac McCaughan from Superchunk contributed guitars to seal the deal on this enticing, exciting track.

Here are Johnny Irion’s words about this song and its accompanying video.

Alan Kozlowski and I sat down with lyrics Nora sent over and the melody came right out! U.S. Elevator recorded “Beach Haven Ain’t My Home”on a 24-track Studer tape machine along with Tim Bluhm of The Mother Hips. I grew up in North Carolina and was always a fan of indie rock icons Superchunk. I sent the song to [Superchunk member and Merge Records owner] Mac McCaughan who loved it and played electric guitar and appears in the video. My dear friend Billy Baldwin also appears in the video.” —Johnny Irion

 Listen, right here:



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