Song Premiere: Seth Rosenbloom’s “I Can’t Help It” from Imminent Album Release

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Americana Highways is happy to present this song premiere of Seth Rosenbloom’s “I Can’t Help It” from his upcoming album, Keep On Turning, due to be released on Jan 18. Keep On Turning features Seth Rosenbloom on guitars and vocals, Josh Smith on rhythm guitar, Scott Kinsey (Tribal Tech) on keys, Travis Carlton (Robben Ford) on bass and Gary Novak  (Chick Corea) on drums.  It was produced by Josh Smith at Flat V Studios, engineered by Alan Hertz and Josh Smith, mixed by Alan Hertz and was mastered by Eric Boulanger at The Bakery.

“I Can’t Help It” highlights blues guitarist Seth Rosenbloom’s easy, funky style, with the added pizazz of Smith’s guitar work in the mix for a dimensional depth of grit. This song tells the tale of someone whose “mind’s on someone else,” and not only can’t he help it, he also “can’t fake it anymore.”  Rosenbloom and the band carry us along with the lyrical excitement of an irresistible new beginning, with killer guitar leads and a groovy bottom end.

This was a really fun one to record! Josh Smith (producer) had the idea to make it a Fabulous Thunderbirds style shuffle which worked out really well – played one of my LsL Strats on the whole tune and really tried to make it gritty and bring a lot of energy. — Seth Rosenbloom

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