Song Premiere: Cancion Franklin’s “American”is Trio With Soaring Vocals

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of Cancion Franklin’s “American” from upcoming album Stone For Stone available today on Spotify.

The song features Cancion Franklin on electric guitar and vocals, Teddy Motz on bass/keyboard/acoustic guitar and Medley Shabazz on drums.  The album was recorded and mastered by Ken Rich at Grand Street Recording in Brooklyn NY, with its cover photo by Molly Tellekson.
The trio is musically bright, tight and fluid, with languid electric guitar buoyed by crisp, light-touch rhythms.  Franklin taps into all of our promises to ourselves, when he sings he “swore he’d never punch in … ” with his soaring uplifting vocals in perfect pitch for this solstice season.

I wrote this song while I was a subway musician here in NY. This song is exactly what I wanted to say about my life and my home at the time I wrote it, which was several years ago, and today it rings more true than then. It is at once a celebration and a lament. It’s a classic case of loving something and being hurt by it all at once.

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