Cosmic American Music Revisited: The Long Ryders Tear Up Pearl Street Warehouse

Sid Griffin said he shouldn’t but couldn’t resist jumping anyway during the Long Ryders’ finale and signature song “Looking For Lewis & Clark” at Pearl Street Warehouse in Washington, D.C. Not even the suspenders that held up Griffin’s Levi’s and a bad knee could keep the lead singer of the Long Ryders earthbound for a […]

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Cosmic American Music: Chuck Mead, Jason Ringenberg & Jim Lauderdale’s Excellent Adventure

“You’ve heard of the three tenors,” Jim Lauderdale said to the audience gathered at the Hamilton in Washington, D.C. “Well this is the Cosmic Honky Tonk Revue.” There was no resemblance in pitch or look to Luciano Pavarotti, Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo. Jim Lauderdale was referring to himself and friends Chuck Mead and Jason […]

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