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Song Premiere: Jana Pochop “Pretty Please”

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Jana Pochop – “Pretty Please”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Jana Pochop’s song “Pretty Please,” from her forthcoming EP Powerlines, which due to be available in early 2024. Powerlines is Jana’s first self-produced project and was mostly recorded in her bedroom in Brooklyn during her year at Berklee NYC. Noëlle Hampton was the vocal producer on the project.  It was mixed and mastered by Russell Tanner, with graphic design by Alexander Daoust.

“Pretty Please” is Jana Pochop on vocals, guitars, synth, and string samples; Don Dixon on bass; Jake Bartlett on drums and percussion; and BettySoo on background vocals.  “It’s dark in this apartment, it’s 103 outside…. the pressure’s out of my hands.”  This is a song of longing, murmuration, and emotionally reaching out like flying through the powerlines, with the lyric line that then names the whole EP.  It’s a song of the hesitancy and consuming power of desire drawn out with imagery than makes the point where direct language fails: “you move in these O’keefe-ian lines.”   Jana Pochop’s style is emerging every more clearly with this song and its a great harbinger for the EP out in just a couple weeks. Wait for it.

“Pretty Please” was one of the first songs I recorded in New York City when I started the Berklee NYC master’s program in Songwriting and Production last year. You can tell I started writing it in Austin, where the summer was relentlessly hot, before I gathered my stuff and moved to New York. It became the spark of my writing that year…examining how a geographic place has an impact on our experiences. Don Dixon (bass) and Jake Bartlett (drums) came in with that amazing rhythm section and grounded it all. – Jana Pochop




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