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REVIEW: Carl Solomon “The Whisper”


Carl Solomon – The Whisper

Carl Solomon is a folk singer, musician and song craftsmen situated within the backdrop of Portland, Oregon with a new album, The Whisper. The album was recorded, produced and mixed by Merel Bregente; and mastered by Jerry Tubb. The cover art is courtesy of Jennifer Joyce, with graphic design by Terill Ketcham.

“Look West” is winsome piano and acoustic guitar, and then the song starts with the riveting “Grandfather called me to him on the day that would be his last.”  Inhale, and remember to exhale.  “Lincoln Continental (Suicide Doors)” “safe behind those suicide doors” is a nostalgic and hushed number with accordion.  “Morrocco” is mournful and languid, with the expressed objective of heading south to be warm, “Madrid for me had lost its charm, we were only vagabonds.”

“Only the Moon Knows” is more lush storytelling “I took 8 steps to the bottom of the cave” and you’re intrigued, with Americana style guitar playing and strings.

The title track is sweet violin and a declaration that it’s time to get out of this funk.  “Crime of Silence” was co-written with Randy Lewis Brown, and the a cappella “I am a good man, on whom you can depend” starts a happy, upbeat song that suggests an optimistic outlook, musically, even though some of the scenes that unfold are chilling and then the darker question is posed: “do you stand by and watch injustice done?”

The Whisper is an honorable offering to the Americana music registry.  Give it a listen and enjoy the discovery as it unfolds.  Find more information and details on his website here:

Musicians on the album are Carl Solomon on vocals and acoustic guitar; Merel Bregente on drums and percussion; Mark Epstein on fretless, standard, electric, and double bass; Michael Dorien on electric, acoustic and baritone guitars; Peter Wassner on Steinway piano, pad, B3, Wurlitzer and accordion; Dave Pearlman on pedal steel; Cody Braun on fiddle; Lori Beth Brooke on accordion; and Sarah Pierce, Michael Henchman, Merel Bregente and Alex Winters on backing vocals.

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