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REVIEW: Paige Lewis “Under the Texas Sky”


Paige Lewis – Under the Texas Sky (Word Records)

Although this is Paige Lewis’ first country album, she’s no stranger to the twists, turns, and whirls that come with the music business. Having piled up songs in major films, songwriting awards, industry accolades, and appearances on TV shows, Paige, like many artists, found that something in her music was missing. It was time to write without limits.

With the help of producer/musician Derek Hamas playing a variety of instruments, and a true blue cast of studio musicians, the lyrics really get a chance to elevate in a way that rings true.

The title track is my fave. It’s hard to capture the Texas sky in words but Paige emerges victorious: “Open windows on the freeway, Austin is calling, South by until I die, The riverwalk at midnight, Marfa in the moonlight, Nothing beats the way I feel when I’m Under the Texas sky.”

“Through a Child’s Eyes” is a hindsight 20/20 look back on all the scars that life brings, urging the listener to try and hold on to a piece of innocence at any cost: “When I was 12 in El Dorado, fireworks lit up the sky Or running free like the tornados, wild and restless in the night – Or that last summer after high school man I’ve not felt more alive – Oh I hope I’ll always remember what it’s like through a child’s eyes.”

“When We Get to Texas” is a good road trip playlist add, and is perfect for making that last exit home: “We’re traveling, by way of Tennessee – Heading westbound, Jesus and Willie lead the way – Through every farm town where we wave a quick hello – And when we get to Texas we’ll be home.”

Under a Texas Sky for all its commerciality is a really good listen. Best enjoyed on a twilight porch with something good to sip, the to-do list done, crumpled up, and thrown on the just-mowed lawn.

Paige will be touring throughout Texas through the end of December in support of her album. Given the fun vibe of the album and the momentum it contains, I imagine Paige’s shows to be a really damn good time! A shot of good tequila raised to you, Paige.

Under the Texas Sky is available Nov 10th on all platforms

Musicians on the album are John Shelton on lead guitar; Mark Riddel on bass; Darion Waddler on drums; Will Van Horn on pedal steel; Jeff Duncan on fiddle,; Isaias Gil on drums; Willy T Golden on lap steel; and Stefano Intelisano on Hammond Organ.

The album was recorded and mixed by John Shelton; edited by Derek Hames and Konstantin Korotaev; and mastered by John Moran. It was recorded at Edgewater Studios in Sugar Land, Texas. All songs were written by Paige Lewis.




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