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Video Premiere: Jeremy Squires “Vampires”

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Jeremy Squires – “Vampires”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Jeremy Squires’ song “Vampires” from his forthcoming album Riddle of Stars, due to be released by Blackbird Record Label on November 17. The album was written, performed, and produced by Jeremy in the wake of the passing of his longtime musical collaborator, drummer and friend, Carlos Ventura.

“Vampires” is Jeremy Squires on guitar and vocals, with Whit Wright on pedal steel.

This video was shot and directed by Jeremy Squires.  This is right up the alley of any fan of stripped down, slow and vulnerable music.   “Oh these vampires tearing at the seams, taking every drop of everything they want from me. Goodnight angel.”  Don’t underestimate the power of the meaning here, it’s dark and intense.  Gorgeous outdoor scenes of snowy cold and winterscapes hold your imagination exactly where the song takes you.  

“Vampires” is about my struggles with letting go, getting so deep in your own head that you feel like you can’t escape from a continuous loop and coming to the realization that nothing is permanent. Everything comes full circle in the end.

I shot this video in various locations over the span of 3 years. I got to meet new people in somewhat awkward circumstances, but it was a very beautiful experience filled with so many emotions. I carefully chose the imagery and edited the colors to match the cold as well as the vibrancy that I see and feel that this song is about. – Jeremy Squires

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