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Song Premiere: Old Heavy Hands “All the Time in the World”

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Old Heavy Hands – “All the Time in the World”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Old Heavy Hands’ song “All the Time in the World” from their new album Small Fires, slated to be released on January 19. Small Fires was produced by Danny Fonorow and Old Heavy Hands; engineered by Mitch Easter, Ted Comberford and Benjy Johnson; mixed by Henry Lunetta and mastered by Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone.

“All the Time in the World” is Larry Wayne Slaton on vocals, guitar, and keys; Nate Hall on guitar and backing vocals; David Self on lead guitar and backing vocals; Josh Coe on bass; John Chester on drums and percussion; and Carri Smithey, Josh King and Laura Murphy on backing vocals.

Lines that mark a skilled wordsmith grip you on this song, like, “If you make the promised land before I can, please send me the brochure… you got all the time in the world.”  There are pauses, notes, and other aspects of this song that strike you, and by their very nature grab hold of you until you stop in your tracks and think.

“All the time in the world” started off as a fun chord progression for my old bud Dee Self to play guitar leads over, and quickly turned in to a song about the one thing none of us have. A light hearted reminder to try to make the most of every moment we have, set among an album filled with lyrically heavy topics. Dee says it’s still fun to play solos over after all this time, so that’s good too. – Larry Wayne Slaton

Find more information and details on their website here: http://www. oldheavyhands.com



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