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Song Premiere: Abby Litman “Sequoia”

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Song Premiere: Abby Litman “Sequoia”

Abby Litman Abby Litman photo by Tammie Valer

Abby Litman Explores the (Newly) Single Life on “Sequoia”

By Edd Hurt

Americana Highways presents the video and single premiere of Los Angeles singer-songwriter Abby Litman’s “Sequoia,” from her forthcoming EP Steady. Set for release in February 2024, Steady is the follow-up to 2023’s Still on My Mind, which gained praise for its evocation of the 1970s Laurel Canyon sound of Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills & Nash. “Sequoia” was recorded at the storied Los Angeles studio Paperchaser with producer Tyler Chester, who plays bass and piano on the track, along with drummer Abe Rounds and Litman on guitar and vocals. Sara Watkins rounds out the ensemble on fiddle.

“Sequoia” is a song of rediscovery in the classic relationship-song mode that Joni pioneered her albums Blue, For the Roses and Court and Spark. The accompanying video tells the story of a hike Litman took at Sequoia National Park. She had gone through a breakup, and witnessing the majesty of nature gave her fresh perspective. As Abby Litman tells Americana Highways from her home in Los Angeles, “I think a lot of my young adult life had been in relationships, and I kind of relied on that.” With its carefully wrought melody and lyrics, “Sequoia” is about the joys of being single, with the memory of romance lingering in the background.

You can find the music video for “Sequoia” here:

The music on “Sequoia” is both spare and evocative, and Litman—who runs a well-known series of singer-songwriter-centric house shows in Los Angeles, aptly called Good Folk LA—says she planned it that way. “I wanted it to have an organic, natural feel. Because that’s what I was feeling,” she says. “The percussion and the fingerpicked guitar go along with Sara’s violin part, which is very easy listening. I just really wanted a warm-sounding acoustic recording.”

Listen and watch Abby Litman perform “Sequoia” amongst the trees:


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Abby Litman Photo of Abby Litman by Tammie Valer

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