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REVIEW: Billy Don Burns “I’ve Seen a Lot of Highway”


Billy Don Burns – I’ve Seen A Lot of Highway

Billy Don Burns has a new album coming out this week via Black Country Rock: I’ve Seen A Lot Of Highway. This album was produced by Denny Knight, Jerry Laseter, and Billy Lawson with Wendell Grigsby (executive producer) and production assistant Susan Thomas. 

“Neon Circus” opens the album and features Shooter Jennings.  Billy Don’s vocals are raw and vulnerable, and Shooter’s in duet are smooth in delivery, and overall it’s quite magnetic to hear.

“All She Put Him Through” is a painful, bitter, and upsetting gut punch about a man who passed away after brutal abuse. “He told me all he owned was that old pickup truck…”

“Born To Ride” has sweet, gritty harmonies. “I’ve Seen A Lot of Highway” features Cody Jinks in vocal duet, and is an uptempo celebration with lots of electric guitar, horns and a driving beat, “running down the highway looking for a honky tonk.”   

“I Went Crazy”features Whey Jennings and is again vulnerable, slow tempo and reflective on missing the woman who’s up and gone, and one of those songs that sets the reflective mood and draws you in to a mode of sincerity.

Billy Don Burns is a man with a rich history in country music.  He’s produced albums for Merle Haggard and Johnny Paycheck, written songs for Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.  This album brings his work into the spotlight and it’s raw, honest, and never sugarcoats hard truths.  If you haven’t had a chance, it’s well worth it to give his own work a spin.  

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Engineers for the album were Denny Knight, Robby Turner, Billy Lawson, Jerry Laseter, and
Aaron Rodgers.  It was mastered By Benny Quinn, BQ Mastering

Musicians on the album are Jerry Laseter, Billy Lawson, Travis Wammack, Aaron Rodgers, Jeff Williams, Cason Storey, and Dave Shepherd on guitars; Robby Turner, Kevin (Swine) Grantt, Jeff Williams, Billy Lawson, Chris Wood and Jeff Williams on bass; John Scott, Jeff Armstrong,
Jeff Williams on organ; John Scott, Billy Lawson and Jeff Armstrong on piano; (Sweepy) Scott Walker on harmonica; John Scott on banjo; Jeff Williams on Guitjo; Billy Lawson on dobro; Brad Guin on saxophone; Caleb Elliott on cello; Denny Knight on percussion; and Jeff Williams, Chrislynn Lee Jones and Jerry Laseter on backing vocals.

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