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Video Premiere: Jamie Collins feat. Dave Eggar “Some Day”

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Jamie Collins – “Some Day”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Jamie Collins’ song “Some Day,” scheduled to be included on an upcoming album set for release next year. The song was recorded at the home studio of Tim Nave in Elizabethton, Tennessee, and mixed and mastered at Classic Studio in Bristol, Virginia by Grammy Award winning producer, Mike Stephenson. The video was directed by Matt Smile of Audioasis and recorded at Fist Baptist Church in Collins’ hometown of Bristol.

The track features Jamie Collins on lead vocals accompanied by Grammy-Award nominated cellist, Dave Eggar. Collins’ voice is nothing short of heavenly in her delivery of the gospel song that was originally recorded by the group, Blue Highway. Written as a eulogy by Olive Stockton with music by Tim Stafford, “Some Day” is a poignant self-reflection of our own mortality and the power of divine faith. Collins and Eggar are a winning combination in their performance for they capture the prevailing spirituality of Stockton’s preciously beautiful words with the cello accompaniment adding a celestial nuance to the song. The song and accompanying video both carry a profound meaning to Collins, who dedicates her performance to the memory of her grandmother and father.

I am releasing my version of “Some Day” in tribute to my grandmother, Jean Louisa Collins, who inspired me as a musician throughout my life. Granny passed away in June of this year, and her memory will always live on in our hearts and minds. The release is also in dedication to my father, Tony Collins, who taught us so much musically before his passing in 2015. My brother, Blake, and I have sung this song together for many years. She loved when we would sing it together. Granny taught us about faith at a young age and her optimism in life will always be inspiring. The song was written by Olive Stockton and music by Tim Stafford. Bluegrass Today reads: ‘The song makes a visceral impact on people, and the reason is simple: the heartfelt lyrics from a country woman who wanted to write her own eulogy… She didn’t want people to grieve over her when she passed because her faith was so strong. This is why the song, even though it’s about death, is still very hopeful.’ Special thanks to Tim Nave of Elizabethton, Tennessee and Mike Stephenson at Classic Studio in Bristol, Virginia for their mixing and mastering on the track. Lastly, special thanks to Dave Eggar for his amazing cello work on the track. He is truly a master at his craft, and Matt Smile of Audioasis in Bristol for his camerawork and editing for the video. Thanks to Terry and First Baptist Church in Bristol for allowing us to use your beautiful sanctuary for the filming of the song. — Jamie Collins

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