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REVIEW: Garrison Starr & Sean McConnell “My Sister, My Brother II”


Garrison Starr & Sean McConnell – My Sister, My Brother II

This isn’t a long collection but it’s a beauty. The duo who are actually both solo artists – Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter/producer Garrison Starr teams with songwriter Sean McConnell & starts off with a powerful ballad with superb harmonies & exquisite sound. I guess this is the same magic CS&N first heard when they sang together on a lark. The power & emotion that runs through this song & their voices are like cream poured into coffee.

Garrison Starr

Lyrically, the duo has the right flavors as they perform the beautiful “Another Life” with the chiming guitars & urgent vocals that are so stimulating. A strong hint of 70s Fleetwood Mac in this track when the ladies (Nicks & McVie) sang in unison with muscle & altitude forming one unifying voice. (That happened too with Slick & Kanter in the early Jefferson Airplane). This song is superb…superb…superb.

At 25 minutes I enjoyed all of My Sister, My Brother II (Drops Sept. 29–333 Entertainment) with its delicious 7 tunes that continue in the spirit of the original debut EP (2020). The majority of these songs are so sticky-memorable.

The title track “My Sister, My Brother” unfolds in a Crosby, Stills & Nash groove as well. Had that trio the exceptional voice of Garrison Starr (since Sean McConnell sounds like Graham Nash at his best) this is another sparkling brew of songs. An excellent pairing. It’s like the idea was to mix CS&N with 70s Fleetwood Mac – whether it’s true or not it certainly sounds like it & it works at a whole new inspiring level.

Garrison & Sean are both exceptional solo artists but together. It’s like one of those chocolates that have a little rum in it. One of the year’s best for sure.

Highlights – “Cry Me a River,” (not the classic Julie London & later Joe Cocker song), “Another Life,” “My Sister, My Brother,” “Almost There” & “Maybe There Are Angels.”

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