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Video Premiere: Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats “Pain Free Living”

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Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats – “Pain Free Living”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Ken Tizzard and Music For Goats’ song “Pain Free Living” from their forthcoming album The Dagg Sessions.  The Dagg Sessions were recorded and mixed by Ken Tizzard and mastered by Noah Mintz. With the passing of their drummer Steve Dagg in March 2023, Ken and the band will be releasing a series of singles later to be available as one album, The Dagg Sessions, which will include all the drum tracks recorded with Steve before his passing in March of 2023.

“Pain Free Living” is Ken on vocals and guitar; Ken Grant on bass; Neil Lucy on acoustic guitar and Steve Dagg on drums.

This video was filmed by Satch Wakefield and Steve “Spike” Tompkins and it was edited by Mr. Tizzard.  “Pain Free Living” starts off a cappella, and although you might think for a moment this is a fun and kitchy song, and it is quite a bit more as some real and solemn observations on life are mixed into the story. “To be honest it’s an uphill battle with depression.”  Musically this is an easy tempo that sets a reflective tone.  And the video takes some dramatic and warped exaggerated black and white footage of a timeless party — slowed down for somber effect, alternating with the band playing inside the living room. It’s worth a watch and a good listen. 

What started as a fun kitchy stoner tune, “Pain Free Living” addresses the reasons for escape via excess in medications from weed and alcohol to anti-depressants and mood balancing drugs. – Ken Tizzard

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