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Song Premiere: Summerlyn Powers “Let’s Roll!”

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Summerlyn Powers – “Let’s Roll!”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Summerlyn Powers’ song “Let’s Roll!” from her forthcoming EP The Hive, due to be available on October 6 via Kind Blue Eyes Music. This song will be released on September 8. The album was produced and mixed by Reid Sorel, and mastered by Joe Hutchinson (Garage Masters Audio Mastering).

“Let’s Roll!” is Cole Pomeroy on drums; Jackson Anderson on electric guitar; Summerlyn Powers on lead vocals, acoustic guitar, and backing vocals;  Tom Davis on bass; Cole Ritter on resonator guitar; and Adam Story on organ. 

We had a short chat with Summerlyn about the song.  The premiere appears just beneath this interview.  

Americana Highways: What prompted you to write this song? What inspired it?

Summerlyn Powers: I wanted to include a song on the record that talked about my faith, and I knew my co-writer, Daryl Wayne Dasher, was a real rock ‘n’ roll and blues kind of guy, so I started jamming on a classic blues riff and the two ideas came together in the hook – “I found the rock, let’s roll!”

When it comes to the message of the song, “Let’s Roll” is an allegorical story about being rescued and walking through life confidently because you know who you are, and in my personal testimony, whose you are. Rather than being brave for bravery’s sake, this tune is about celebrating because you know that someone bigger than you is on your team.

AH: What was your songwriting process like? How did this song come together?

SP: The initial riff and hook I came up with alone, but when I showed the idea to Dash, he was all in. We talked about our own stories of faith, and how we could use Appalachian imagery like drifting down a river and miraculously being rescued. And we wanted to do it in such a way that listeners could not only consider my story, but reflect on their own stories of rescue as well.

AH: What kind of a vibe were you going for? How does the final version differ from what you heard in your mind before you recorded it?

SP: The final version was nothing I had expected, but exactly what I’d hoped for. It’s just HUGE. I love how it draws you in and shocks you at the beginning of the tune, and the rest of the song just carries that same energy until the very end. The players truly outdid themselves on this track. We honestly just had a lot of fun recording in the studio!

AH: What message do you hope the song has for people who listen to it?

SP: I hope the song encourages people to let loose and have a good time, while also seeking out what gives them enough confidence to jump into even the most daunting parts of life saying, “Let’s Roll!”

AH: What is coming up next for Summerlyn Powers?

SP: The full EP, entitled The Hive, releases October 6th, with an EP Release Show at Nashville’s iconic venue, The Basement, on October 5th. You can find more dates on my website at

Check this out for a memorable mix of groovy, powerful and direct bluesy vibes.  Song pre-save link:


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