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REVIEW: The Grahams by The Grahams


The Grahams – self titled

On their new self-titled album, the husband and wife Americana duo The Grahams take ten songs from their catalog from the last ten years and reimagine and re-record them in a way that is both fresh, exciting and totally creates a new sound for the band. 

While you can still hear the influence of folk, country, blues, and gospel elements in these songs in their reimagined state, they are presented on the record in what can best be described as Americana Indie Pop. 

The fact that the tunes are so pliable serves to highlight both the enormous musical and songwriting talents of Doug and Alyssa Graham and the enduring nature of their songs. These are songs that were all individually part of three concept albums, making the artistic achievement of this record all the more remarkable. The record is truly a transformative moment for a duo known for their fervent and impassioned music as they take their career to a new level. It rightly catapults them further into the Americana music stratosphere and leaves no doubt that they are a band with few rivals in their versatility and raw talent.

With each song a bit more subdued than the originals, they still maintain their heartfelt power as Alyssa’s Graham charismatic voice leads the way in these musical stories where the characters are all trying in their way to maintain their strength amid adversity.

Particular highlights include the beautifully atmospheric “Painted Desert,”  the uplifting and inspiring “The Wild One,”  the sultry and slow-burning “Lay Me Down” (featuring Lucius), the introspective and soaring “Glory Bound,” and the heart-wrenching and poignant “One More Heartbreak.”

This is an album that deserves repeated listens. It is seductively hypnotic and will draw you in and will have you humming these jewels of songs for days.

The Grahams by The Grahams was produced by Dan Molad and will be available this Friday, September 8 on the band’s website where you can also find out more about 3Sirens Music Group, the Nashville creative collective founded by the duo.

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