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Song Premiere: Drew Schultz “Delusions” (feat. The Four Tops)

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Drew Schultz – “Delusions”

Americana Highways presents this premiere of Drew Schultz’ song “Delusions” (feat. Four Tops, Dennis Coffey, Antwaun Stanley), from his forthcoming album Back to Class Vol. 2, which highlights Motown and Detroit music and musicians and will be released on September 9. The 20 songs on the album were written, arranged, produced by Drew Schultz.  The album was recorded by Drew Schultz and Paul Morris; mixed by Andrew Livanos and Drew; and mastered by Andrew Livanos.

“Delusions” is Antwaun Stanley on lead vocals;  the Four Tops (Duke Fakir, Lawrence Payton Jr., Ronnie McNeir, Alexander Morris) on background vocals; Dennis Coffey and Carlton Washington on guitar; Yakov Yamerson on bass; Drew Schultz on background vocals; drums, percussion and piano. Horns were performed by Jimmy Smith (trumpet), Jack Johnson (tenor saxophone), James Hughes (baritone sax), Tony Buccilli (trombone).

Excitement from the opening notes, and this song hearkens back to the Motown heyday in grand fashion.  “Every time I see your smile I fall back into the same denial.” This is an intriguing project that delivers. We say put it on your list right away.

“Delusions” is about the self-inflicted grey area between protectiveness and paranoia, about finding something so wonderful that the thought of losing it can lead to some dark places, and finally accepting the unhealthy qualities of that thought process. I tried my best to musically bridge the gap between classic Motown and the contemporary funk revival happening today. The Four Tops’ harmonies have the lush cluster voicings and room-shaking unison parts that they are known for, providing a bed of satin for Antwaun Stanley to sing over, and Tops’ lead vocalist Alexander Morris to vocally reinforce. Dennis Coffey, the legendary Detroit guitarist who brought psychedelic effects to the classic Motown Sound, adds a layer of fuzz and echo that simultaneously gives the song a dreaminess and an edginess that cuts through the typical “love song” formula. 50% of the profits from this recording benefit the music programs of the Detroit Public Schools, and the song is part of the upcoming Back To Class Vol. 2 album, featuring legends of Motown, Northern Soul, and Detroit Music. — Drew Schultz

You can order and save the music here:  https://drewschultz.hearnow.com/delusions

Find more info on his website here: http://www.Drew-Music.com


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