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Counting Crows brought their Banshee Season Tour into Riverwind Casino’s Showplace Theatre in Oklahoma City this past Friday evening, promptly taking the stage at 8pm, greeting the adoring audience like old friends. The band wasted little time, launching into a powerhouse trio of “Sullivan Street,” “Accidentally In Love,” and their breakout hit, “Mr Jones.” While the tour is dubbed, the Banshee Season tour, it’s just as appropriate to consider it as the 30th anniversary celebration of their groundbreaking debut release, August and Everything After. As such, it was noted that the eighteen song setlist featured six of the album’s eleven cuts, something I doubt anyone would have found fault with.

Addressing the audience following “Colorblind” from 1999’s This Desert Life Duritz issued a statement on behalf of the band that simply was, “It’s really fucking hot.” Now, while I know he was referencing the triple digit heatwave cooking the majority of the country right now, he could have as easily been referring to the band surrounding him on stage, as they were pretty fucking hot as well.

Counting Crows is comprised of vocalist Adam Duritz, David Bryson, Dan Vickrey, and David Immerglück on guitars, with Charlie Gillingham on keys and accordion, Jim Bogios on drums, and Millard Powers slingin’ bass. It’s always a treat to watch a band full of musician’s musicians, and that’s exactly what Counting Crows are. I really enjoy seeing the interplay between the band and their intuitive wherewithal to make it fresh and new each night. These guys have shared the same stage for nearly 30 years, and rather than just turning in a good show each night, they seem to strive to make each night better than the last. Most importantly, they’re still finding ways to have fun and re-interpret their songs, and make one another sound as great as possible. You don’t get that in many bands just starting out, much less a band with 30 years under their belt.

One of the things I most appreciate about the band is their ability to constantly challenge themselves with new arrangements or breaking out deeper cuts (like Butterfly in Reverse), or their ability in tackling a challenging cover of another artist. Of the latter, the band’s set included two, one being their well know cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” and the second a really well done version of Big Star’s “The Ballad of El Goodo.” Each night brings a few songs swapped out here and there, or a different interpretation, but each show is distinctly Counting Crows and sure to satisfy the fan that’s just there for the “hits”as well as the more obsessive fan. That’s hard to do, but it seems the band has it down to an art, and certainly deserves that recognition.

Highlights for me, were primarily from August and Everything After, with ”Round Here” in particular being a standout, with Duritz’s impassioned version managing to even give me the chills. “Angels of the Silences” and “A Long December” from 1996’s Recovering the Satellites, were right up there as well. The closing three song encore of “Time and Time Again,” “Hanging Around” and “Holiday in Spain” was just outstanding as a bookend, mirroring the intensity of the opening salvo. With no opening act, the band wrapped up a full and exceptionally fun set slightly before 10pm, a welcomed surprise as I was out on a work night. Other bands, take heed.

Counting Crows continue their summer tour into the latter days of September, concluding at Red Rocks Ampitheater on 9/25. For more info or tour dates, visit the band’s website for all the details:



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