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Video Premiere: Nathan Mongol Wells “Taken For A Ride”

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Nathan Mongol Wells – “Taken For A Ride”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Nathan Mongol Wells’ song “Taken For A Ride,” from his new album From a Dark Corner, which was just released on August 18 via State Fair Records. From a Dark Corner was recorded, mixed, and produced by John Pedigo; co-produced by Joshua Ray Walker; recorded at Audio Dallas, Modern Electric Sound Recorders and Chemical Street Studio; and mastered at Georgetown Mastering in Nashville.

“Taken for a Ride” is Nathan Mongol Wells on rhythm guitar and vocals; Hank Early on pedal steel; James Driscoll on bass; Chad Stockslager on piano and Wurlitzer; and  Trey Pendergrass on drums.

This video was directed by Josh David Jordan with cinematography by Hutch Crane. It was edited by Josh David Jordan and Julian Sol Jordan and features Courtney Wright Wells.  Sometimes we’re just drained.  That’s what this song touches on — the gravity of feelings of  general hopelessness. Even when we blame ourselves. The black and white footage of Nathan on guitar and in various solitary locations (with the woman he’s apologizing to and vowing to treat better appearing at key moments) dramatically illustrates the raw ambiance of the song. But he’s resigned to his fate and the fact that just maybe relationships are far more challenging than we’d like to think they will be. “If I knew some way to tell you something that might compel you to believe me when I say: I didn’t take you for a ride.”

“Taken For A Ride” might be the most special song on the whole record. It’s a raw, honest song written at a very low point. The video illustrates those feelings, as the singer attempts to apologize to the ‘ghosts’ of his memories and finds himself as faded and formless as they are. – Nathan Mongol Wells

 He will be on tour soon, visit here for more details:


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