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Video Premiere: Arielle Silver “Ghost Ships”

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Arielle Silver – “Ghost Ships”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Arielle Siler’s song “Ghost Ships” from her forthcoming album Watershed (out October 6th). The album was produced by Shane Alexander, mixed and mastered by Brian Yaskulka with mixing assistance by Taylor Eubanks.  It was recorded by Sonnemm and Shane Alexander at Buddhaland Studios in Westlake Village, California.

“Ghost Ships” is Arielle Silver on vocals, backing vocals and acoustic guitars; Shane Alexander on backing vocals and baritone guitars; Justine Bennett on backing vocals; Rob Hodges on cello; Darby Orr on bass, piano, and Mellotron; and Denny Weston Jr on drums and percussion.

The video was produced, directed, and animated by Damon Wellner.  Photography for the video was courtesy of Shirley Freed, Toby McGuire, James Wheeler, Al d’Vilas, Peggy Anke, Monu Kumar, Lorena Turner, Damon Wellner and Arielle Silver. Special thanks for the video are extended to Danit Sigler, Lior Molcho, Darby Orr, Mark Berry, Kriss Sulka, Alex Brown and Under The Gum Tree.

We’ve all been in situations where the plans we made were never brought to fruition — and Arielle asks us to think of those memories on her thoughtfully delivered song of breakups and ghost ships passing in the night. The video is hopeful, foreboding and simultaneously lovely and soothing, just like the song itself.   “I made a scrapbook in my mind of future times / Sailing on ghost ships / Out to sea on ghost ships / Things we never did” 

On working with Damon Wellner:

When we first talked, I shared the studio recording and lyrics with him, along with the 13-point sketch that I had imagined. He showed me some paper-animation work that he had done for a previous project, and it felt like we were exactly on the same page (no pun intended) right from the start. The magazine shot at the beginning is an actual story of mine called “The Sleeping Porch” that was published in a literary magazine called Under The Gum Tree.

From a creative/artistic perspective, I really loved every idea he brought to the table. It was definitely a collaboration, and Damon translated my words, ideas, and music into the magical paper world. It was an amazing experience to work with him. — Arielle Silver

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